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Lunch Boxes & Mugs


Provision of Portable Tableware

Our company New Life Solutions provides a variety of biodegradable material that is used as tableware. We offer eco-friendly lunch boxes and mugs which are used in abundance for meal transportation. These carriers are widely used for individuals ranging in any age group, whether it be a school-going kid or an officer.

We offer sets of light-weighted and convenient containers. We consider the use of eco-friendly jars, mugs, cups, bottles, and lunch boxes. These containers are crafted with creative and innovative designs. We provide products for the activity of DIY (Do it Yourself). For instance, cloth bags with the imprinted outline of cartoon characters are offered for the entertainment of kids. For these bags, we don’t use any chemical dyes. Instead, we provide chances for the enhancement of kids' creativity. Paper plates, plastic bottles, disposable cups, and silicone mugs not only add to the positive impacts upon the environment but also represent a decent outlook for serving.

Moreover, these products are trendy as well as snappy. To add attraction, our merchandise is decorated and topped with multifarious colors and patterns. None of our products acts as a pollutant, since the material used for the manufacturing of mugs, plates, and other useful tools is composed of decomposable nature.

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